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5 questions to ask when considering your website's redesign

Do you have a website that needs to be redesigned? If so, here are five questions to ask yourself before moving forward with your design. These are important questions that can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure the site is optimized for conversion-focused results.

Is my business in need of a site redesign? If you're not sure, ask yourself these five questions: 

1. Has your service or product changed? 

Is there something new that should be on the homepage? What about an updated look and feel for mobile users to enhance their experience with your company's offerings when they are outside of the office space. A website might also want to include some social media plug-ins like Facebook Connect (http://developers.facebook.com/docs/)or Twitter Feeds so visitors can stay up-to-date without leaving this page - meaning more time spent engaging with content while less effort is required by them! 

2. Is my audience different now?

The options of how to change and shift your target audience or personas are endless. Some people might make the mistake of thinking, "I don't need a website redesign." but that's not always true! There could be many reasons for shifting persona such as rebranding, brand consolidation, merger/acquisition...etc. One thing is certain though; you may want to consider changing up your site design if it reflects an older version with outdated information on there.

3. Will everyone be able to access my site?

The internet is a global forum for ideas and dialogue, but not everyone can access it equally - or at all! Google has been increasingly particular with the way sites are built in recent years; from algorithm updates to mobile-responsive design, what they say goes. And right now? Accessibility for those with disabilities. As of October 1st, 2018 new policies will require that pages be accessible to people who use screen readers on their desktop browser as well as blind users accessing your site through VoiceOver iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads (Apple). 

This means you’ll have to keep accessibility at mind when designing things like buttons or text input fields so voiceover users know how these functions work without having them explained by other

4. Can I manage (and scale) my current site?

Are you spending more of your time managing and maintaining the website than actually using it to grow your business?

The only question on our list that has nothing to do with how well-designed, functional, or creative a site is – but rather who’s behind the scenes making everything happen as smoothly as possible. If you find yourself constantly fixing little glitches because there are too many hands in one pot (like developers trying to manage content), then maybe it’s about time for an overhaul!

5. Is the design being true to my brand (and the direction it's heading)?

It's not too often that we get to start over with our company. When the opportunity arises, as it did for one of my clients recently when they shifted their brand identity or merged with another organization, what should you do? I'll give you a few tips on design choices and messaging- but first, let's talk about your logo! It follows then that if there are changes in either the mission statement or values then these will need to be reflected by changing things like colors used throughout website pages and button shapes. This is all-important because people form impressions through visuals; so don't underestimate how much work goes into making sure everything looks cohesive from visual elements down to smaller details like font type choice which can affect readability.

Your website is more than just a digital marketing tool. It's an extension of who you are as a company, and should ultimately reflect your brand strategy. Whether your company has recently shifted its identity (including everything from the mission statement to the logo), it'll need new branding for that change on social media too - including all accounts like Facebook and Twitter

We hope this blog post has helped you answer some of your questions surrounding the decision to redesign your website. It’s important to consider all the factors that may be affecting your company before making a final conclusion, but we can help! If you have any other questions about re-designing or would like our team's opinion on whether it's time for an update, let us know today and one of our SEO specialists will get back to you promptly. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your site is reflecting where your brand is going and contact us if there are changes in either service or product offerings along with data from current traffic sources.

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